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Couple Photoshoot

Oak St. Studios Mark and Abby Binondo Old Manila Engagement Prenup Photographer 20

Mark and Abby, Binondo Engagement Session

Cinematic street chic for your pre-wedding photos? 💘 Mark and Abby envisioned their prenup as a unique blend of wedding elegance and candid street vibes, and we thought Binondo’s colorful chaos provided the perfect backdrop. Weaving their dream into reality

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Oak St. Studios Pia and Jeremy Lake Kawaguchiko Tokyo Japan 00006

Pia and Jeremy, Lake Kawaguchiko Tokyo Session

Followed Pia and Jeremy around Lake Kawaguchiko like a hawk, hoping to catch the big moment—waiting for the ring because we’re pro-proposal photographers! Only for Jeremy to throw us a curveball and pop the question the next day instead 🥹

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Oak St. Studios Lance and Abi Baguio Pre Wedding Engagement Photographer 00001

Abby and Lance, Baguio Engagement Session

Another day, another sunrise, and never getting tired of this stunning view in Benguet. Lance and Abby, thanks for joining us for this breathtaking sunrise. Mornings like these are worth the early wake-up call.

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Oak St. Studios Yen and Marcus Tokyo Shibuya Shinjuku Japan Pre Wedding Photographer 00001

Marcus and Yen, Tokyo Japan Pre Wedding Session II

Chasing city pop dreams with Yen and Marcus in the heart of Tokyo, Japan for their pre-wedding session. 🎶 Currently vibing to Miki Matsubara’s ‘Mayonaka no Door’ – because every cityscape needs its soundtrack! More Autumn Tokyo adventures coming your

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Oak St. Studios Yen and Marcus Tokyo Japan Pre Wedding Photographer 00004

Marcus and Yen, Tokyo Japan Pre Wedding Session I

Jetting off from Singapore to Tokyo for the pre-wedding photography adventure with Yen and Marcus 🇯🇵✈️ Despite Mt. Fuji playing hard to get, it showed up fashionably late during sunset. Mixing beach vibes, autumn feels, and a touch of Fuji

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