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Beach Photoshoot Session

Oak St. Studios Jeryl and Rebecca Fukuoka Japan PreWedding Photographer 00003

Jeryl and Rebecca, Japan Pre-Wedding Session

Cherry blossoms and a touch of rain.

Inspired by their vintage aesthetic, Jeryl & Rebecca’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Japan unfolded with a blend of candid moments, and a touch of cinematic storytelling amidst the cherry blossoms.

Thank you for choosing us to document your pre-wedding journey.

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Oak St. Studios Yen and Marcus Tokyo Japan Pre Wedding Photographer 00004

Marcus and Yen, Tokyo Japan Pre Wedding Session I

Jetting off from Singapore to Tokyo for the pre-wedding photography adventure with Yen and Marcus 🇯🇵✈️ Despite Mt. Fuji playing hard to get, it showed up fashionably late during sunset. Mixing beach vibes, autumn feels, and a touch of Fuji

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Oak St. Studios Emman and Ang Batangas Prenup Photoshoot 00001

Emman and Anj, Batangas Engagement Session

This was an incredible prenup photoshoot that took us on an enchanting journey. Batangas, a beachside setting, and the absence of a glorious sunset. We embraced the magic of dusk and let it transport us to a whole new world

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