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Outdoor Photoshoot Session

Oak St. Studios Pia and Jeremy Lake Kawaguchiko Tokyo Japan 00006

Pia and Jeremy, Lake Kawaguchiko Tokyo Session

Followed Pia and Jeremy around Lake Kawaguchiko like a hawk, hoping to catch the big moment—waiting for the ring because we’re pro-proposal photographers! Only for Jeremy to throw us a curveball and pop the question the next day instead 🥹

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Oak St. Studios Lance and Abi Baguio Pre Wedding Engagement Photographer 00001

Abby and Lance, Baguio Engagement Session

Another day, another sunrise, and never getting tired of this stunning view in Benguet. Lance and Abby, thanks for joining us for this breathtaking sunrise. Mornings like these are worth the early wake-up call.

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Oak St. Studios Cristian and Anna Hong Kong Pre Wedding Photographer 00001

Cristian and Anna, Hong Kong Engagement Session

Took Cristian and Anna on a tour of our favorite (not-so-secret) spots in Hong Kong for their pre-wedding session. 🇭🇰📸 With our shared love for anime, Wong Kar Wai, art, cinema, and food, capturing their Hong Kong story was a

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Oak St. Studios Emman and Ang Batangas Prenup Photoshoot 00001

Emman and Anj, Batangas Engagement Session

This was an incredible prenup photoshoot that took us on an enchanting journey. Batangas, a beachside setting, and the absence of a glorious sunset. We embraced the magic of dusk and let it transport us to a whole new world

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