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Frances and JP, Hiroshima Japan Couple Portraits

Oak St. Studios Frances and JP Hiroshima Miyajima Japan Post Wedding Anniversary Photography 00001

Describing our work as warm, joyous, and nostalgic, Frances and JP invited us to capture the essence of their 5th anniversary during a backpacking trip. Grateful to be part of this special chapter in their journey🌟📸

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Oak St. Studios Jeryl and Rebecca Fukuoka Japan PreWedding Photographer 00003

Jeryl and Rebecca, Japan Pre-Wedding Session

Cherry blossoms and a touch of rain.

Inspired by their vintage aesthetic, Jeryl & Rebecca’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Japan unfolded with a blend of candid moments, and a touch of cinematic storytelling amidst the cherry blossoms.

Thank you for choosing us to document your pre-wedding journey.

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