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Jen and Jay, Intimate Manila Wedding

Oak St. Studios Jen and Jay Intimate Unconventional Manila Wedding Photographer 00001

Jen and Jay envisioned a relaxed, fun, and intimate mini-reunion with loved ones from all over the world, and they wanted this joyful atmosphere to shine through in their photos. They preferred natural and candid shots, steering away from stiff and overly traditional wedding photos to truly capture their personalities.

Their story began 18 years ago when Jen was Jay’s Grad Ball date at Ateneo. Although they went their separate ways in college, Instagram brought them back together in Melbourne, Australia, where they decided to meet up and start their story all over again. Now, they’re beginning a new chapter of their lives in Romblon.

Great to work with Lia Weddings, Iya Gueco, Renzo Lusterio, Oro Plato, and White Label Bridal.

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