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If there’s any kind of magic in this world, it must be in the attempt of understanding someone

James and Selim, Intimate Tagaytay Wedding
Suzy and Rish, Alphaland Baguio Pre-Wedding Session
Jisoo and J, Manila Pre-Wedding Session
Cristian and Anna, Hong Kong Engagement Session
Marlo and Kim, Civil Wedding
Pat and Abby, University of the Philippines Diliman Engagement Session
Gabby and Gico, Conrad Manila Wedding
Eena and Rouel, Sundowners Zambales Wedding
Emman and Anj, Batangas Engagement Session
Kat and Max, Las Casas Bataan Wedding
Mars and Frela, Manila Wedding
Khieziah and Cathal, Manila Wedding
Denise and Ian, Hong Kong Post Wedding Session
Nicole and Soc – Iloilo Wedding
Tami and Chuckie, Intimate Tagaytay Wedding
Trixie and Mike: Intimate Makati Wedding
Marts and Mae, Busan and Seoul, South Korea Post Wedding Session
Darwin and Alodie, Seoul, South Korea Engagement Session
Mark and Mike, Intimate Manila House BGC Wedding
Anton and Sugar, Batangas Beach Wedding
Karmela and Elliot, Batangas Wedding
Mary and Oskar, Tagaytay Wedding
Celine and Paulo, Tagaytay Wedding
Chezka and Robin, Intimate Baguio Wedding
James and Darla, Intimate Civil Wedding
Megan and Ruben, The Lind Boracay Wedding
Jaime and Ardy, Boracay Wedding
Aebert and Stephanie, Boracay Wedding
Gabe and Gessica, Boracay Wedding
Nicole and Ice, Tagaytay Wedding
Maven and Jov, Engagement Session
Edmar and Dani, Antipolo Wedding
Jamie and David, Supreme Court Wedding
Titus and Jomar: Batangas Wedding
Nikki and Mikey, Batangas Wedding
Bea and Choy, Engagement Session
Edmar and Dani, Baguio Engagement Session
Rolly and Jella, Engagement Session
Krish and JB, Intimate Tagaytay Wedding
Matt and Sarah, Zambales Engagement Session
Duds and Roi, Manila Portrait Session
David and Triccia, Manila Engagement Session
Ruth and Fritz, Manila Wedding
Chi and Volt, Zambales Engagement Session
Cammie and Jaime, Intimate Manila House BGC Wedding
Angie and Adnan: Tagaytay Wedding
Gatty and Alyssa, Alabang Wedding
La Union Summer with Luke and Danika
Jessie and Jico: Intimate Boso Boso Wedding
Dustin and Anina: Engagement Session
Moshie and Angel: Intimate Wedding
Yla and Chloe: Intimate Garden Wedding
Tal and JJ: Engagement Session
Nat and Yolie: Intimate Wedding
Von and Steffi: Engagement Session
Ivan and Joy: Engagement Session
Bong and Cha: Intimate Davao Wedding
Mitch and Brylle: Intimate Wedding
Janina and Jin: Intimate Nuuk Taal Wedding
Davey and Therese: Baguio Engagement Session
Winston and Tanya: Las Casas Engagement Session
Garp and Lois: Intimate Wedding
Kim and Yael: Engagement Session
Odessa and Dan: Intimate Wedding
Erika and Vince: Intimate Wedding
Kurt and Stella: Civil Wedding
Fran and Seb: Manila Wedding
Mike and Renee: Engagement Session
Karina and Lean: Intimate Wedding
Neil and Ayen: Intimate Wedding
Aja and Migo: Engagement Session
Kisses and John: Intimate Yacht Wedding, Manila
Ros and Raffy: Intimate Wedding
Denise and Ef: Intimate Wedding
Dodong and Maan: Intimate Wedding
Francis & Christine: Caliraya, Laguna Engagement
Mary and Pancho: Civil Wedding
Jeaness and Kim: Post Wedding, Manila
Caroline and Alex: Intimate Wedding
Likha and Pete: Benguet Engagement Session
Sarah and Rowell: Tagaytay Wedding
Claud and Liz: Intimate Civil Wedding
Sandra and Sean: Intimate Manila Wedding
Terricka and Ayi: Intimate Tagaytay Wedding
Chenyl and Kim: Intimate Tagaytay Wedding
TJ Monterde and KZ Tandingan: Tokyo, Japan Engagement Session (Part II)
Chase and Joseph: Manila Wedding
TJ Monterde and KZ Tandingan: Tokyo, Japan Engagement Session
Steffi and Jerich: La Union Wedding
Lily and Punpun: Japan Engagement Session
Soccy and Feliz: Dubai Engagement Session I
Fatima and Christian: Tagaytay Wedding
Nikko and Ven: Seoul, South Korea Engagement Session II
Rain and Yanyan: Tokyo, Japan Engagement Session
Fatima and Christian: Bicol Engagement Session
Nikko and Ven: Seoul, South Korea Engagement Session
Migi and Joan: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Engagement Session
Stacey and Han: Seoul, South Korea Engagement Session
Alex and Caroline: Intimate Antonio’s Tagaytay Wedding
Chase and Joseph: Kyoto, Japan Engagement II
Chase and Joseph: Kyoto, Japan Engagement I
Macau Engagement Session | Jordan and Cheska
Erika and Vince: Seoul, South Korea Engagement Session
Kryz Uy and Slater Young: Cebu Post Wedding
Aica and Brian: Manila Engagement Session
Bea and Andrew: Perth Engagement Session
Elaine and Calde: Manila Wedding
Fran and Seb: Makati Engagement Session
Guia and Dean: Sydney, Australia Post Wedding II
Bea and Iking: Singapore Engagement Session
Guia and Dean: Sydney, Australia Post-Wedding I
Elaine and Calde: Hanoi, Vietnam Engagement Session
Tina and Red: Sydney, Australia Engagement Session
Duds and Roi: Manila Engagement Session
Diwa and El: Batanes Intimate Wedding
Bea and Andrew: Perth, Australia Wedding
Gob and Lew: Perth, Australia
Z and Vryan: Perth, Australia Post Wedding
Marlo and Cel: Osaka Engagement Session
Lloyd and Drei: Old Manila Engagement Session
Judy and Karl: Caliraya Engagement Session
Fanny and Jon: Sagada Elopement
Z and Vryan: Tagaytay Wedding
Kat and Maw: Korea Engagement Session
Eunice and Patrick: Supreme Court Wedding
Luke Landrigan and Danika Nemis: La Union Portrait Session