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Marcus and Yen, Singapore Wedding

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We flew from Manila, pockets brimming with sunshine, ready to capture Marcus & Yen’s Singapore wedding. Then, as if on cue, Mother Nature made her dramatic entrance: torrential downpours transformed the tropical paradise into a mini monsoon zone. In Manila, such sudden changes are a familiar grumble, like a stubborn housemate you learn to tolerate. But in Singapore, where sunshine is a birthright? That was a different story.

“Bring it on, weather gods,” became our motto that day, “we’re making this epic anyway.” Thankfully, Marcus, Yen, and their incredible crew were a dream to work with. They proved that love, laughter, and a can-do spirit, with the help of everyone around, can weather any storm – even a literal one.

This experience serves as a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the unexpected is the most extraordinary, the most memorable, and the most damn awesome. And hey, if we snagged some epic wedding photos in the process, well, that’s just the universe throwing in a confetti cannon for good measure.

Great to work with Artemis Rings, 5am Flowers, and Wheeler’s Estate.

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