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Nikki and Mikey, Batangas Wedding

Branding & Design: Nikki Sunga, Bride

Hair & Makeup: Marla Sabio and Carla Quiogue

Event Venue & Catering: El Jardin de Zaida

Same-day Event Coordination: Zenith Events

Invitations & Print Suite Other Printed Materials: Print Picnic , ByCy Letterpress Studio

Event Styling: Gathered Creative Co. 

Tables & Chairs: K&N 

Photography: Oak St. Studios

Antigen Testing: First Choice Diagnostics

Crew Meals: Divine’s Kitchen 

Wedding cake: Bungalow Cafe 

Carving Station: Tatangs Lechon 

Sorbetes Cart: Saligao Ice Cream 

Dessert: Mr B Puto Bumbong

Lights & Sounds: CMR

Music: Ian Jacinto, DJ Euric Lumanog 

Bridal Wear: Robin Ortega, Seek The Uniq, La Oceann, Alexie Nethercott

Entourage Accessories: Style Cat 

Entourage Gowns: Rica Rico

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