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Pat and Abby, University of the Philippines Diliman Engagement Session

Oak St. Studios Pat and Abby University of the Philippines Diliman Engagement Prenup Photoshoot 00001

Taking a stroll down college memory lane. Lucky for us, their alma mater boasts the perfect blend of trees and sunshine for a dreamy prewedding aka prenup photoshoot. And, hey, Obi the good boy golden retriever had to join in, of course. Ready for a walk around the University of the Philippines, Diliman? 📸

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Some things we discovered that we have in common with Gab and Bea: we all love running (though they’re definitely more athletic!), we’re all food enthusiasts, early risers, shoe shoppers, and avid travelers. So, it was a perfect match when they chose to have their pre-wedding photoshoot with us in Osaka, Japan.

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Thank you for choosing us to document your pre-wedding journey.

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