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We got married!

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Still catching our breath after our two-month wedding planning on a peak season for weddings (Let’s just say we love life on hard mode.) We envisioned a simple, authentic, and deeply personal celebration, and capturing our own photos felt like the perfect embodiment of that. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it aligned perfectly with how we wanted to document our story, just like how we documented yours.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to the incredible people who made our intimate celebration possible. This wouldn’t have been the same without our amazing families and the rockstar wedding suppliers who went above and beyond.

Iya Gueco & Renzo Luistero: Your infectious energy transformed our families into their most radiant selves, keeping the excitement buzzing all day. Honestly, can’t picture our intimate gathering without you two.

Heleyna: Your pink intuition was spot-on, and we’re eternally grateful. The dress you crafted with such care surpassed anything I imagined, with the heart shapes and cat details perfectly reflecting our personalities. And you are a wedding reception legend (IYKYK)

Lia Weddings: A HUGE thank you to Ms. Lia, Johnsel, Allan, Ken, Tine, and Bea. Your seamless operation and ability to anticipate our every need were mind-blowing. This overthinker finally relaxed thanks to you guys. You made our intimate affair flow flawlessly, even while keeping Jonathan’s car keys safe from disappearing acts.

Bloom de Fleur Event Styling: Coming from El Nido for us meant the world! Your talent for creating stunning bouquets is undeniable, and the one you created for our wedding still takes my breath away. It brought the perfect touch to our small gathering.

Ninong Ghe Consolacion: We haven’t peeked at the video yet, but we know it’ll be amazing. Thank you for capturing our day with such authenticity, respecting our desire for simplicity, and letting us be ourselves. It meant the world having you document our intimate story and be one of our Ninongs.

Ninong Guj Tungpalan: From our JJK-inspired Tokyo photos to a red-eye flight for the wedding, your dedication is incredible. As Jonathan always says, you were his first choice for “ninong,” and your presence made our intimate celebration even more special.

To our small but mighty team: Thank you for always having our backs. From the earliest call times and to the late dance parties, you were there with unwavering support. We will forever be grateful for your dedication and the memories we created together.

And to our incredible families: Your unwavering support, from navigating paperwork to settling into our new home, has been invaluable. You made our small celebration feel just as heartfelt and meaningful as any grand affair. We couldn’t have done it without you.

To our friends: Thank you for joining us in celebrating our wedding. We hope you enjoyed our simple gathering and the wonderful memories we created together.

And to our Oak St. Couples: Thank you for inspiring us. We wouldn’t be here now without you. Seeing your stories and experiences gave us the courage to plan our wedding in a way that truly felt like us. You have been a source of support and encouragement, and we’re so grateful to know you guys.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for making our dream wedding a reality. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and memories we’ll cherish forever.

With sincere appreciation,

Maika + Jonathan

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